Lisa at work | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Werner Krug

13 Sep. 2021 · Living in Kleinwalsertal

5 questions to Lisa Galke

Lisa Galke is the restaurant manager at the Genuss- & Aktivhotel Sonnenburg. Service is in her blood, you can feel it immediately. She welcomes me to her workplace with a broad smile and I feel immediately welcome. We don't have much time between two shifts, because there's a lot to do - debriefing, preparations for the evening business, and carefully setting the tables. So we sit down in the stylishly furnished restaurant and start chatting.

Lisa at work | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Werner Krug

Lisa, how did you end up in Kleinwalsertal?

I come from Willingen in the Sauerland region. There I did my apprenticeship as a restaurant manager and worked in my apprenticing company for another year and a half. I became aware of Kleinwalsertal by chance when I visited a friend here. Since I wanted a change in my working life at that time, I spontaneously applied for a vacant position and quickly received an acceptance letter. Thereupon I moved here. In the meantime, I have been living in Kleinwalsertal for eight years and feel at home.

How were the early days for you when you look back now?

It was a bit unusual at the beginning, because I left home at a young age.But I always knew that I wanted somethin long-term, not just a seasonal job. Since I like to have people around me, networking was important to me. Because of the hotels and restaurants in Kleinwalsertal, many young people live and work in the valley who have similar interests. So it was easy for me to meet new people.

Service meeting | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Werner Krug

Were you also able to settle into the job quickly and where do you stand now?

I've always felt at home at Genuss- & Aktivhotel Sonnenburg, and I do even more so today. Heike, our boss, taught me a lot. Especially tasks that you don't deal with so intensively as an apprentice. So over the years I have taken on more and more tasks and responsibility and have grown into a management role. Today, I'm responsible for restaurant management and the link between my team and the guests. In gastronomy and service, it's always possible to develop and acquire new skills, which I think is great.

Lisa at work | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Werner Krug

What makes working in service so attractive to you?

Dealing with our guests always enriches me. I enjoy doing my job because I can offer our guests a wonderful experience. I also get to talk to a wide variety of people and meet a lot of new people. The job is very versatile. I give out wine and beverage recommendations, which I particularly enjoy. A good wine with a great dish - that's how you please your guests and get that reflected. I also look after our regular guests, hold service meetings and make sure everything works. Teamwork is also very important in service. It's a great feeling to know you someone has your back. At our hotel, that applies to both the hotel management and the entire team. Everyone appreciates each other and makes their contribution to a good working relationship.

What do you like to do most in your free time?

On my days off, I go hiking or jogging. I can't do without music, because that's the best way to clear my head. My favorite jogging route is the Burmi Trail along the Breitach. It's a wonderful jogging route when you have the stream next to you and are surrounded by trees. In addition, the route is not too steep and ideal for an after-work run. Even on busy work days, I often still go out into nature, so the time of day doesn't matter. Sometimes I just take a walk through the valley. I really enjoy the silence in the evening, when I can take a deep breath and switch off.