16 Sep. 2022 · News
Vanessa Freytag

Your pace, your way - online language course with Speexx

German as a foreign language, freshen up your English or learn a new language like Italian, Spanish or French? All this is possible with Speexx. By cooperating with the online language course provider Speexx, companies can offer their employees language courses at an affordable license price. The online format offers participants the opportunity to complete different learning formats independent of time and location and to learn at their own pace.

Ivanka works at the IFA Hotel Alpenrose in the service department. Three years ago she came from Bulgaria to Kleinwalsertal to work at IFA Hotel Alpenrose. Karina from Ukraine has been an au pair with the Leißing family in the Marburger Haus for 5 months.

Both have started online language courses through their employers and are learning German as a foreign language. After finding the fitting language level, the courses can be adapted to the personal needs and learning type. The result is an almost tailor-made language course with different learning units, which has enabled each of them to learn at their own pace.

At the end of the current teaching year, PriMa asked them some questions about online language courses with Speexx.

What was your motivation to take an online language course?

Karina: I would like to move to Austria in the long run. Therefore, it is important for me to be able to speak, understand and write the language fluently. I have always had a knack for languages, and I also speak some Polish. I can imagine getting involved in a language school and continuing my education here.

Were you able to integrate the online format well into your everyday life?

Ivanka: With a job in a hotel restaurant, face-to-face courses often take place during my working hours. Since I usually work in the mornings and evenings, I have lunchtime to study. With Speexx, this works very well because I can schedule the learning units freely. This way, I can adapt the learning pace to my daily schedule and integrate it perfectly into my everyday life.

What did you particularly like about the online language course?

Karina: There were different learning formats that I used. Audio contributions, grammar exercises, and pronunciation exercises. The online lessons that you can sign up for helped me especially with pronunciation. Through the changing teachers I got detailed feedback, and I was able to improve my pronunciation. Speexx's large library also helped me a lot with my learning. I read many articles on a wide variety of topics. In addition to German, I also learned a lot about the economy, history and geography of Germany and Austria and got to know my adopted country better.

Was your personal coach at Speexx helpful with the assignments?

Ivanka: Some learning units were a bit difficult for me. Here, the personal contact with a Speexx coach was very helpful. I could contact my coach at any time with questions and when I had challenges. I was also able to send writing and speaking exercises to Speexx and received very detailed feedback from my tutor. The personal contact was always pleasant, and I felt in good hands.

How did you like the language course, and would you like to continue?

Karina: I would definitely like to continue. I have already passed an exam for the A1 level and am currently doing my course for the A2 level. In the new teaching year, I would like to build on my previous learning successes here so that I can soon speak and understand German fluently.

Has your improved knowledge of German changed anything in your everyday life?

Ivanka: I moved to Kleinwalsertal because of my husband, who could already spoke a little German. The language barrier in a new country was an obstacle for me at the beginning. I felt insecure and didn't dare to talk to other people. In the meantime, I feel more comfortable and confident. I can talk to colleagues, guests and acquaintances and learn the language even more easily.